cropped-logo-Videopilotbook.jpgWELCOME to VIDEOPILOTBOOK a free yacthsman’s video guide to the Ionian coast and islands of Greece.
My name is Davide,and I’ve been sailing around Greece since fifteen years now. From a nautical point of view its one of the most beautiful sites of the Mediterranean, if not,  amongst the best in the world.
It is after this long experience that i got the idea  to share my passion for these waters  with VIDEOPILOTBOOK a valuable aid to navigation in this area.
IMG_3300For its  implementation, I used open source programs such as Google earth, Marble & Cruiserswiki for nautical charts / port plans , Wikipedia with references to historical / geographical. The videos are all in HD, each video shows the landing at destination and a full view of the place of arrival ( Harbour/ Bay )
The guide is divided into chapters , in each of them there is  my introduction , charts and port plans (click for larger view) and most cornfield bayimportantly a descriptive video.
This site will expand with time , I started from the description of the  Ionion sea, because it is the most frequented by  yachts, so come back to visit for updates.




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