Corfu is the first island of ionian (coming from north) and certainly the most famous.
Compared to the nearby Albania (the channel between the north end of Corfu and Albania is just 1 mile) is a very green island, also because it is the rainiest island in all of Greece (October to March).

The name “Corfu”, an Italian version of the Byzantyne Κορυφώ (Koryphō), meaning “city of the peaks”, derives from the Greek Κορυφαί (Koryphai) (crests or peaks), denoting the two peaks of Palaio Frourio.

The summer temperature reach well into the ninenties, yet the climate is not oppressive.

The wind (NW), as in all the ionian, generally arrives around noon, blow between force 2  and 5 and die at sunset ; in the morning there is a light wind from E/SE

For me the most interesting part of the island is the city of Corfu, something unique in all the Ionian , as you can see from the video.

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