Corfu city

Cofu cityCorfu (Kerkyra)is for me  the most beautiful city in the ionian; the old castle, the big plaza and the narrow streets are realy amazing, a pleasure for a photographer.

There are two yachts harbour, one north (Mandraki) and the other south (Naok) of the city

Corfù city north marinaMandraki

was the old venetian harbour  now turned into a yachts club, under the old citadel, through which you can reach the city center. Good shelter, only with strong NW wind becomes uncomfortable more than dangerous


Corfù city  ormos garitsasGARITSAS bay, on the south side of Cape Sidhero provides a good shelter from prevailing NW wind. The anchorage is close southward of the old British garrison church of St. George, to be recognized by its handsome Doric facade. A yacht can anchor in 4-10 metres on mud, the above-waters rocks can be seen, a NAOK YACHT CLUB is close by.


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