Ormos Gouvia

Corfù ormos gouvia 2Three miles NW of Corfu city, this bay is all-round shelter.

The approach channel afford dephts of more than 5 metres and there are buoys to mark it as you can also see from the  video. A shelter anchorage suitable for small yachts is to be found in the nothern part.


Corfu Gouvia MarinaGOUVIA MARINA

All facilities of a large yacht marina are being provided in the southern part of the bay.

Is not an attractive place for me, also because it is surrounded by hotels and residences and the city is not so easy to reach.

Weather forecast : http://marine.meteoconsult.co.uk/shipping-forecast/gouvia-marina/mediterranee-orientale/weather-forecast__gouvia-marina_mediterranee-orientale_around-the-port__910_0.php