On theKassiopi north east coast of Corfù, we meet a small harbour of Kassiopi. It was once a typical Greek fishing port and although it still has many fishing boats it also thrives on tourism. For those families with disco loving teenage children, the old harbour will be a godsend. This part of the typical Greek daytime resort turns into a trendy music center after dark.

AnchoKassiopir in 2.5/3 metres on NW side (best spot) or E side, mud and weed botton ; good shelter from the prevailing NW winds,but NE  make it very uncomfortable and  untenable if they are much above F 7.   Good shopping for provisions and numerous tavernas and restaurants, in high season it is crowded with holidaymakers.

More info : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kassiopi

Weather forecast : http://marine.meteoconsult.co.uk/shipping-forecast/kassiopi/mediterranee-orientale/weather-forecast__kassiopi_mediterranee-orientale_around-the-port__1137_0.php