Vathi gulfOnce past the lighthouse with the underlying white church in E side of the Gulf of Aetou , you enter in the natural port of Vathy ( Ithaca).The main yacht quay extends along the SW side of the harbour,  mud excellent holding (dephts 2/4 m.) , the customs quay consists of a short jetty 200 metres SE of the main  quay(dephts around 1,5/2 metres), there is a further section of quay at S of the harbour (dephts 2 m.)


Itaca townA special note about the weather : here the prevailing wind gets up late in the afternoon , strengthens the evening with gusts up to 30kn then fell into the late night ;  check the mooring if you do not want to do , as happens to many, a white Night !

Weather info :