LefkadaGoing south , once left Corfu , Lefkada is the second largest island .

Of the Ionian it is the only one connected to the mainland by a floating bridge , it became an island when the Romans built the canal.

Like the other islands of  Ionia it is very green and its waters are transparent.


The  most interesting area is the eastern part , because it is protected , and for the islands that surround it.

This coastal area   with the islands of Kefalonia  and Lefkada to the West and the mainland to the East,  is called the ” Inland Sea “

inland seaPrevailing wind during the summer is NW with a maximum intensity during the central hours of 4/5 Beaufort.

During the summer there are many events that will join the holiday;  I highly recommend renting a scooter / car to visit the interior of the island

Weather info : http://www.meteo.gr/meteoplus/cf-En.cfm?city_id=85

More info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lefkada