Paxos LongosLeaving Lakka, few miles at south we find the small harbour of LONGOS. At one end of Longos harbour stands the tall chimney from an abandoned soap factory.Anchor in the north side of the bay with a long line on bottom sandy and weed (2/10 metres depht),good shelter from NW wind; there is a few rooms on the quay (south side)

WARNING : Approximately half a mile E of Longos there is a reef (Ifalos Paxoi) which is difficult to see even in calm weather

More info : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Longos,_Paxoi

Weather forecast :http://marine.meteoconsult.co.uk/shipping-forecast/longos/mediterranee-orientale/weather-forecast__longos_mediterranee-orientale_around-the-port__1235_0.php